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Insulation Work :

During summers, ever wondered why in night time, when ambient temperature may be low, but still inside your room it feel like furnace. The reason being is that your walls/roof absorbs and stores heat during the day time, only to release it during the cooler / night time.

TECHNICON offers you the solution for this heat island effect. We are one of the renowned service providers for providing solution of outstanding insulation. We offer several possibilities for Wall and Roof Insulation which are very effective.


Under Deck Insulation :

In many existing building as well as in new construction the most efficient and economical way to improve the thermal resistance as well as heat loss is through the installation of under roof insulation underside of the roof or ceiling surface. Such heat resistance procedure has number of advantages.

Advantages Of Under Deck Insulation :

  • Protects from heat entering the building.
  • Increases Cooling efficiency of Air conditioners.
  • Reduces the cooling time.
  • Reduce electricity bill
  • Water ResistantLight weight

Benefits of Under Deck Insulation :

The primary advantage is the efficient use of energy and getting the cost down of cooling. It increases the comfort levels and decreases the impact of environment on individual. It prevents the radiant heat to enter inside the premises of the complex or industry and can be useful in extreme temperatures. We pioneer in providing effective thermal insulation/under deck roof insulation to buildings and industrial sheds.

Thermal Insulation

Different material of the thermal insulation offers different applications as some of them are easier to apply in particular situation while some others are good for retrofits. Different types of such insulation materials are cellulose insulation, air bubbled film insulation, glass wool insulation, rock wool insulation, natural wool insulation, foil thermal insulation, polystyrene insulation, structural insulation panels, polyurethane foam insulation and straw bale insulation.

Apart from temperature control inside the building or thermal insulation of the premises or industry, it gives a better climatic conditions and environment at times of higher temperature. Low cost in consumption of energy is another advantage why the popularity of roof insulation is increasing. One can apply insulation to make it thicker and more thermal barrier as there are lot of advantages in terms of overall cost saving, as well as there is no lack of space over the roof.

Benefits of Thermal Insulation :

If an insulating material layer of only 50mm (insulation value is 24 times that of brick bat coba or 30 times that of equivalent thickness mud phaska) is added to the roof then the insulation value of the total roof may go up by over 5 times.

This increase in insulation value minimizes heat loss from the interior in winter months, and minimizes heat gain from outside in the summer months. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most commercial premises. Besides wasting energy these leakages are the cause of the uncomfortable hot or cold drafts.

This will substantially improve comfort level and reduce air conditioning requirements thus lowering the capacity (tonnage) of air conditioner required as well as the operating power and maintenance costs. This is a totally passive system with no operation cost over the life of the building. Governments are recognizing this with new energy efficiency legislation and national and international commitments.

Insulation is the single most cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency based on cost comparison per square foot.

Acoustic Insulation

Sound Absorption Insulation which is innovatively designed and can be conveniently fixed up with other materials. The excellent sound absorbing properties make Sound Absorption Insulation an ideal for different sound absorption applications.

Effective noise reduction co-efficient value it is the best way to make an enclosure soundproof. 

Aluminium Foil Insulation :

This aluminium Foil roof insulation is used to provide protection against the higher cold also as it reduces the temperature loss to outer surface of the home roof or wall. Particularly for the building that are made with higher amount of glass or steel. Whatever needs to be of keeping the close room at a constant temperature, it can be benefited with the use of radiant aluminium foil.

¬†Aluminium foil thermal insulation can be used to multiple places where it can be found useful for stopping unwanted heat gain or heat loss. The benefit of these aluminium foil insulation sheets is that they make the environment, within the rooms, comfortable. It retains the coolness and the warmth of the air conditioner and heater respectively.