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Interior Designing & Decoration
TECHNICON started its Interior Design & Décor Services in 1999 on the principle of offering exceptional value in interior design services for businesses and private individuals. The company provides unparalleled quality of work and customer service at a competitive price.

TECHNICON, believes that the interior decorators true art lies in creating a scheme that the client desires and will enjoy 24 hours a day for many years to come. Having no more patience with style dictators than you do, we welcome the challenges of working with restricted budgets when necessary.

We can help you select your new home, your office or even the best location and space for your new business venture. We will then plan your space, design all types of cabinetry, select materials, and submit to you various solutions, all while keeping your budget and requirements in mind. We help you define the aesthetics of your space. Whether you have a preconceived scenario or whether you want us to provide all the ideas. 

We have the expertise to design both contemporary and classical schemes, and is open to interpreting any other style that you, the client may wish for. With the help of an excellent team of specialist contractors, TECHNICON can provide all the services required and ensure you complete peace of mind.

TECHNICON also offers full design, decoration and consultation services for residential and commercial projects. In working with your contractors and suppliers to prepare proposals on any type of project, we will always act as your representative and keep your best interests in mind. Throughout the duration of the project, we want to help you minimize your expenses, in every way possible way. Whether you merely need the right tassel to complement your curtains or want an entirely new design scheme, we at TECHNICON would be delighted to help you.


Our Design Philosophy :

Much like music, the art of design is like a language, culture, trend and fashion. Once a sophisticated level of craftsmanship is established, design becomes a universal expression understood by all who value refinement, comfort and quality. Great design can be achieved anywhere in the world, with simple pen and paper as the only communication tools. Marvellous details are shared when executed with an inspired and skilful hand.

Equally universal is the concept of comfort and shelter. This notion spans the globe and is understood by all. When the art of great design is applied to one’s desire, it creates lifestyle with a beautiful environment, which brings in warmth and well being.

Here is an overview of the interior decoration services the company has to offer : 

  • Creating and designing room layouts
  • Designing of Ceiling and flooring to create the correct ambience.
  • Selecting the correct colour selection depending on the mood and purpose of the room.
  • Lighting planning and design, which to us is a very important part of Interior design and we do not compromise on the same.
  • Paint effects and Wall paper designs
  • Selecting of fabrics, furniture, carpets and accessories
  • Project co-ordination and management

If you would like more information, please contact info@technicon.co.in or + 91 - 98980 40200