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Technicon Raised Access Floors

Established in 1985, TECHNICON Raised access floors, with over 25 years of vast experience in design, manufacture, supply and installation of access floor systems. Our access flooring system is one of the most renowned and trusted product in the industry with installations all over India. We specialise in design, supply and installation of raised access flooring, flooring platforms, raised floor systems, accessible flooring, and modular flooring throughout INDIA. TECHNICON Raised Flooring systems are also known as False Flooring, Cavity flooring or Access Flooring system. From the smallest computer room to the largest office building or Industrial Control room, we offer a full range of raised access flooring systems.

TECHNICON Raised Access Floor is a combination of panels and under structure system. It creates a plenum space, where high concentrations of power / data cabling and other mechanical services are concealed between the building floor slab and Raised Access floor. Raised Access Floors are currently used in application like: IT Rooms / Data Centers / Telecom Switch Rooms / Control Rooms in Industries / Power Stations/Sub Stations / Open Office / Electrical Labs / Research Center etc.

TECHNICON strongly believes that one of the reasons for its success is its ability to satisfy its customers. This satisfaction has lead to a chain of our loyal and repetitive clients.



About Raised Access Floor :

Access Floor Technology has brought an evolution in building design to the next level. With the rapid development of information Technology, office requirement is no longer limited to the basic practical comfort, but also demand a more efficient, safe and intelligent office environment. TECHNICON Flooring System / Raised access flooring system have been instrumental in providing SOLUTIONS for the construction of commercial & Industrial buildings.

 To meet these demands we offer High Quality False Flooring which provides significant structural advantages that facilitates long term value and flexibility. Our each system is assembled, under one roof with high level of precision to exacting tolerances, and delivers ultimate in strength, durability and performance as per the requirement of the client. The products we offer have different load bearing capabilities to meet the various loading requirements of our esteemed clients.

These Industrial Raised Flooring Solutions are most practical and offer enhanced cost efficiency, flexibility, sustainability and time savings. The distribution of electrical power, voice and data cabling, HVAC and other utility services underneath an accessible floor helps in complete accessibility to critical services at any location on the base floor. Modular Power and communications / data solutions, under the raised floor, deliver optimum flexibility and reconfiguration capabilities. HVAC solutions under the floor are cost effective and deliver better & improved air quality, personal comfort and also consume lower energy. With The rapid development of information technology, office requirement is no longer limited to the basic practical comfort, but also demands a more efficient, safe, practical and intelligent environment.

Application :

Currently, our access floors are widely used in the places where there are anti-static requirements, such as the electronic computer rooms , Industrial control rooms, Offices and IT Data Centres, the digital power line carrier (DPLC) room, micro-wave communication room, automatic telephone exchange room, ground satellite room, laboratory, program controlling room, broadcasting room, meeting room with air-conditioner, parlour of high-grade hotels, automated office, communication hinge centre, television transmitting station, military command centre, etc.

We are professional access floor manufacturer, suppliers and Installers for more than 25 years now.


Benefits for Raised / Access Flooring :

  • 100% inter changeable PANELS.
  • Facilitate ease of maintenance of under floor requirement.
  • Excellent grounding and electrical continuity.
  • Completely non - combustible.
  • Excellent load bearing capabilities for various loading requirements.
  • Easy and fast approach to concealed wires, cables, boxes etc.
  • Fast installation and easy to service and use.
  • High Wear Resistant
  • Excellent Anti - static Properties